The team behind the OpenIPSL is proud to share this project as an open source project. We hope to create a strong community around this library for Power System modeling.

Let’s build the future of Power System modeling. To get involved, share your ideas, and collaborate with us, head to our Contributing Home.

Project Contributors

The iPSL

The original library (iTesla Power System Library, iPSL) was developed by the consortium behind the iTesla project, with the following partners:

Since the end of the iTesla project, the project has been forked into the OpenIPSL project by the SmarTS Lab research group. Our goal is to foster a larger community and include external collaborators to the development of the library.

The OpenIPSL

SmarTS Lab’s people

SmarTS Lab is a research group at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. You can learn more about our research on our departments webpage or on Luigi’s website. We were participating in the iTesla project and several people have contributed to this Modelica library. Here is a complete list of the contributor (alphabetical order):

  • Achour Amazouz
  • Maxime Baudette
  • Tetiana Bogodorova
  • Francisco Gomez
  • Giuseppe Laera
  • Jan Lavenius
  • Md. Ahsan Adib Murad
  • Joan R. Mussons
  • Le Qi
  • Tin Rabuzin
  • Luigi Vanfretti
  • Mengjia Zhang

Other Collaborators

Thanks to the following people who have contributed patches, new code or given us helpful suggestions:

Talk to Us

The team of collaborators involved in the development of the OpenIPSL can be reached at

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